In 1998, “IRS Systementwicklung GmbH” emerged from “Ingenieurbüro Reinhard Schiegl” which was already founded in 1991. In the meantime the single proprietorship evolved into a medium-sized company with about 70 employees.

How we started

The company has always been and still is specialized in the fields of measurement and test engineering. At first it focused on software development and engineering efforts had top priority. In the first years we already started to build and construct entire testing systems.

What has changed

Today, we develop extremely special solutions especially in the hardware segment. On top of engineering, we also established a manufacturing department where our engineers’ plans are put into practice, allowing more and more complex ideas and solutions to arise. We do not only plan, develop and program single components anymore but also construct whole test systems as the main contractor.

Years of Experience
M Turnover

Quality Management

We guarantee consistently structured process steps for all our tasks and operations. This is certified by the following DIN norms:

Our certifications are verified regularly to ensure that a high quality standard can be achieved continuously.

Employee Statistics

Our company has grown by an average of 9% per year in the last 20 years. Our low employee fluctuation rate testifies to the success of our endeavours.