CAN FD Card 6 fold

The CAN FD card (CANny) is considered to be used as standalone card for CAN FD communication.

  • Three CAN FD controller with two CAN FD interfaces (6 fold) each on one card.
  • The card can be accessed via ethernet.
  • Each controller has its own IP address.
  • 12 LIN interfaces are provided on the card (software to address the LIN interfaces is not yet implemented)
  • Min. 22V, max. 26V; max. 200mA;
  • The card comes with a C# DLL with functions:
    • Sending / receiving  (reading buffer)
    • ResBus simulation
    • Repeater (CAN Echo Test)
  • CAN FD speed up to 10MBaud
    • Manfred Ludwig
    • +49 (0) 9484/9500-16
    • Email