Lifetime Tester

Requirements of automotive manufacturers regarding qualification of control units are constantly increasing. It calls for continuous monitoring of all test object signals during real operating simulation. Also in focus is monitoring of low current consumption and the parallel independent operation of the DUT with permanent diagnosis over CAN, LIN or as well FlexRay interfaces. From an electronics supplier perspective the obligation is to fulfill high requirements but also keep the costs for a life time simulation as low as possible.
Therefore, IRS developed a follow-up model of its existing lifetime tester, a measuring system (MesSy) which still is perfectly appropriate for parallel operation of multiple control units, enables continuous monitoring of all signals and significantly reduces the cost of a lifetime tester due to high reusability.
NI Single-Board RIO serves as intelligent platform for measurement technology which guarantees high performance due to real time operating system and FPGA at a good price.

NI TestStand will be used for test runs in combination with IRS standard software for configuration and logging.
Real time performance can be implemented in LabVIEW-RT for subsequences. Continuous tasks like signal conditioning will be done with LabVIEW-FPGA-Code without affecting PC or real time controller.

A self-test station will be provided for self-diagnosis of the measuring system, which also allows calibration of analog measurement

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