Automotive Ethernet Switch
This interface card provides 6 Automotive Ethernet ports (100BASE-T1).
Report Analyzer
Software tool for statistical analysis of test results and measurement systems analysis (MSA).
CAN-FD/LIN Interface Card
This interface card provides 6 CAN-FD channels and 12 LIN channels.
The IRS Universal Contacting Multiplexer (UniCoMux) is a stand-alone system that can be used to establish an electrical connection between the system input and one of several outputs.
TUI (TestStand User Interface)
IRS Modular TestStand User Interface is a custom user interface for executing test sequences created for National Instruments TestStand. It acts as a front-end for the TestStand API, which is executing the sequences.
ValDino (Valve Control Unit)
Our valve control unit is a piece of hardware of a driver unit for automotive solenoid valves for test purposes.
ValDi (Valve Driver Unit)
Intelligent valve driver unit for solenoid valves for test purposes.
Signal SuperVision
IRS SSV products provide high speed, gapless and autonomous real time signal analysis and supervision for periodic signals.
Combines high quality measurement technology and pure computing power through the combination of microcontroller and FPGA technology.
FSB – Fault Simulation Box
A fault simulation box enables to simulate short circuits up to 30A between signals.
cRIO High-Speed Digitizer 100MSa/s
Our High-Speed Digitizer module for National Instruments CompactRio systems is optimized for high accuracy and signal quality at a sampling rate of 100MSa/s.
cRIO OPIF 20MBit/s
Compact-RIO Optical Interface module for fiber communication 2x 2-fold 20MBit/s.
cRIO OPIF 10MBit/s
Compact-RIO Optical Interface module for fibre communication – 3-fold 10MBit/s (Versatile Link).
FlexRIO Fiber Optic Module
Test of Fiber optical communication interfaces based on NI FlexRIO.
Lifetime Tester
During qualification of electronic components lifetime tester create a realistic environment of the test unit and monitor its proper function.
cRIO Resolver Simulation & RVDT-Simulation
IRS cRIO resolver simulator can be used in a National Instruments Compact-RIO chassis to simulate the signal of the resolver sensor of electric motors.
Current Measurement Module
Current measurement module may be used for monitoring both quiescent and operating current consumption of automotive electronic control units.
High-power DC & pulsed current source for LED testing.
FlexRIO Ethernet Interface
Recording of Ethernet communication including detection of precise time stamps with a resolution of 20ns.