The IRS Universal Contacting Multiplexer (UniCoMux) is a stand-alone system that can be used to establish an electrical connection between the system input and one of several outputs.
ValDi (Valve Driver Unit)
Intelligent valve driver unit for solenoid valves for test purposes.
Signal SuperVision
IRS SSV products provide high speed, gapless and autonomous real time signal analysis and supervision for periodic signals.
FSB – Fault Simulation Box
A fault simulation box enables to simulate short circuits up to 30A between signals.
FlexRIO Fiber Optic Module
Test of Fiber optical communication interfaces based on NI FlexRIO.
Lifetime Tester
During qualification of electronic components lifetime tester create a realistic environment of the test unit and monitor its proper function.
FlexRIO Ethernet Interface
Recording of Ethernet communication including detection of precise time stamps with a resolution of 20ns.